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The Outlet


Every other Second Sunday



Hosted by Iris Candelaria The Outlet is an open mic, and a safe(r) space for artists to gather, grow their form and try new things.  For Iris art has been a way to kill depression and promote confidence and positivity.  The Outlet a platform to discover who they are and to spread their gift with others.  

(2019, March 10, May 12, July 14, Sept 8, Nov 10)

For more info contact 

Iris Candelaria


IG @iris.m.candelaria

The outlet was created from The ETC Series, which was born out of the CEC’s New Edge Residency.  This was an opportunity for artists to come to CEC, create a work and present it in the Meetinghouse Theater. The residency allowed artists to focus on the performance, not self-producing, and also offered a small stipend along with photos and video.  Since then it has been no secret that funding for the arts has dwindled, so the CEC took another approach to continue supporting artists. In 2006 Charles Tyson Jr. initiated and started the ETC Performance Series. He and the CEC have presented a vast array of artists from dance and movement, to spoken word, to improv theater. The ETC Performance Series has changed careful hands over the past 13 years including Ren Liam, Antonia Brown, Haylee Warner and Belle Alvirez.  They were able to present fledgling artists as well seasoned veterans of their craft. It has been a great showcase for trying out new ideas with an audience, connecting with other artists, and getting work seen be the larger community.

In 2019 Iris Candelaria created The Outlet, an open mic event for artists to share work, maybe for the very first time, for a caring audience.  For Iris, art kills depression, and this is the biggest gift for our community.  A way to support all our mental health through creative outlets.  

As of March 19th 2019 The ETC Series is on hiatus.

For info contact


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