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Rennie Harris: RHAW



 hip hop workshops and



at the CEC

Thursdays 4pm-7pm &

Sundays 9am-12pm


Conceived 2007 Founder Rennie Harris originally founded Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring Works as the Next Generation organization company driven by community outreach, education i.e. lectures and classes as well as mentorship.  Harris’ inspiration for this driven company (Next Generation company) was inspired by the overwhelming interest from teens and young adults to join his internationally renowned company Rennie Harris Puremovement.    Ultimately RHAW is a young professional company that will teach its pre-professional dancers, professionalism, production, Street Dance History, technique in the various styles of street dance such as but not limited to Campbell Locking, Popping & Boogaloo, B-boy/girl, House and Hip hop dance.   RHAW will usher in Rennie Harris’ newest and brightest street dancers to be featured in the premiere works of Rennie Harris Puremovement. Downplaying the abstract while pushing its dramatic aesthetic.  RHAW will forge new paths for young hip hop hopefuls as well as present hip hop in its “RHAW-est.” form.  As we take it back to basics.

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Rodney Hill 

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