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Powerhouse Blues

Teacher Coordinator Miryam Coppersmith & Powerhouse Blues Teaching Staff


Powerhouse Blues' lessons are taught by our experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff. Our teachers travel the country, compete, and meet up locally to make sure that our instruction is up-to-date, exciting and effective. We all have a unique approach to blues dancing and our own favorite music, idiom dances, and stylings, so you're sure to get something new each time you come!





Class 8:30-9:30 pm,

Dance: 9:30-11:30 pm  

$7-10, pay what you can for class & dance Cash at the Door!


Powerhouse Blues

Our Fundamentals classes give beginners or dancers wishing  to brush up on basics the tools needed to blues dance socially; emphasizing good technique, musicality, and developing your own voice. Fundamentals classes rotate through 8 key topics: Close Embrace, Traveling, Ballroomin' Musicality, Tension and Compression, Turns, Lag, Breakaway/Solo, and Jukin' Musicality. All fundamentals classes also cover pulse and basic connection to get you ready to dance. Don't forget to grab a punch card at your first class. Once you take a class in each of these 8 topics, your next dance is free! Feel free to take these classes as many times as you like, the topics are approached in a different way each time!


Our Extended Topics classes are designed to take your blues dancing to the next level. Each month focuses in on a specific topic to grow your dancing. Recent topics have included deep-dives into idiom dances, blues aesthetic, momentum moves, and more! If you're unsure whether you are ready for Extended Topics, feel free to ask an instructor.


If there are 5 Tuesdays in a month, our last Tuesday will be a Feedback class, where students receive feedback on their dancing from other students and our instructors. 

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