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Kyle & Dinita Clark: Just Sole


"Groove Factory" is an 8 week House Dance Intensive that is offered in the Summer and the Winter, taught by Kyle JustSole & Dinita Princess Di. This is an open "HOUSE" dance intensive for ages 16 and up. The main focus is to work on our instrument (our body) as well as our dance (technique). We have developed a great balance of the two which creates an experience that will build you mentally and emotionally as well as physically!

Groove Factory 2019 - House Dance Intensive - Winter Edition


Jan 9th - Feb 27th, 7pm-9pm

Drop in $20

4 class cards are $60 and 8 class cards are $120


Our mission is to empower, enrich, motivate and inspire the masses by providing an outlet that enables self-expression. The three laws of hip hop are creativity, innovation and individuality. Which in turn, spurs independence, unity, and discipline. We provide dance education in these styles under the umbrella of hip-hop dance that includes: Locking, House, Popping, Hip Hop Social Dance, and Waacking. Our goal is to preserve the integrity, relevance and impact of “Hip-Hop” dance via performances, education, and street dance competitions to protect the culture that we have all grown to love.

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