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Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theater 

Group Motion's mission is to promote dance and movement as vehicles for personal and artistic expression, education, transformation, and collaboration. It is manifested through the following ways:

1) A professional modern dance company

2) Ongoing movement workshops, classes, and educational outreach

3) Exchange with other local, national, and international artists.

 Monday Night Improv Labs, 7:30-9:30 PM
$8 cash or check

Friday Night Workshops, 8-10 PM

GA: $20
Students / First-timers: $15
10-Class Card: $150

Get in contact!

Manfred Fischbeck


What is the Monday Night Lab?

Dancers with previous improvisational experience are invited to join us for our Monday Night Improv Lab in Philadelphia! We meet weekly to explore dance and music through improvisational structures and performance concepts.

     Live improvised music by guitarist Tim Motzer.

Led by Group Motion Co-Artistic Director, Manfred Fischbeck.

What is the Friday Night Workshop?

The Group Motion Friday Workshop (FNW) is a forum for creative and authentic expression through dance, music, and movement. It offers a space for spontaneous creation and communication, implying that dance is a language that anyone can speak and understand. 



The Group Motion FNW originated in 1971. It arose spontaneously when people from the street joined a workshop. Herrmann provided verbal guidance to the participants that was accompanied by Fischbeck and other musicians. Channeled by Herrmann, a specific series of guidances, movement meditations, focuses on breath, sound, and movement qualities emerged as a blue print that led to a practice of structures and interactive games about movement expression, communication, and play.

     In a masterful integration of verbal and musical guidance, the workshop is facilitated by Brigitta (voice and drum), and Manfred (voice and keyboard). The FNW has been accessible to people of all ages (dancers and non-dancers alike) for over 47 years, and is still ongoing today!

     Over the decades, FNW has evolved, been modified, and informed by several factors: Brigitta’s studies in awareness, holistic healing practices, and Dance/Movement Therapy (including a MA in Somatic Psychology at Naropa University); and Manfred’s ongoing contributions to the workshops, company performances, and touring work, as well as his teaching at the University of the Arts and the University of Pennsylvania.

     Throughout the course of its duration, which includes hundreds of Friday night sessions in Philadelphia and numerous retreats and tours across the US and abroad, FNW has reached thousands of people: women, men and children from a spectrum of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds.

       Upon demand, a Teacher’s Training was initiated in 1998 and has led to the formation of Satellite Workshops in Wilmington, Delaware, and Wayne in Pennsylvania; Rennes, France; and Berlin, Germany.

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