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The Community Education Center is a nonprofit performing arts center and artists incubator space. The Center is known and respected by artists and audiences alike for its support of the local arts community and its presentations of outstanding dance and performance. The Center also offers the community opportunities to explore their creativity through classes in the performing arts as well as performance opportunities.

Welcome to CEC

GIVE TO CEC ARTS, is our first crowd-funding campaign. Over the course of this campaign we will bring you some stories of our past, share with you current events that you won’t want to miss and look forward to our future!

We are asking for your financial and moral support to keep the center going. These are challenging times on many levels and it is more important than ever that we work to support the arts and the CEC as an important arts institution.  Click here to donate.

If you are new to the Center, this short video will give you an idea of the kind of exciting events that you can become part of in the future. We hope to see you soon!

You can find a schedule of our excellent courses here.

If you are interested in teaching or performing at CEC, you can find a variety of resources here which will help your event run smoothly, from booking a space to publicizing on this website.

ETC. Performance Series

When: From Sat, Dec 12th, 2015

The ETC Performance Series is an opportunity for performing artists of all genres to come together and perform in a friendly community setting at the CEC Meetinghouse Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. Started by Charles Tyson Jr in 2006, ETC has presented a vast array of artists from dance and movement, to spoken word, to improv theater. We take pride in opening our doors to fledgling artists as well seasoned veterans of their craft. This is a great showcase for trying out new ideas with an audience, connecting with other artists, and getting your work seen be the larger community.
The ETC Performance Series is made possible in partnership with Terri Shockley and the Community Education Center.

Info for performers:  Artists are chosen via application process, with an application deadline 6 weeks before each show. Each artist is given a chance to perform in the CEC Meeting House Theatre with technical support provided. The 2015/2016 Season showcases will be 8pm on the Saturday and Sunday of the second weekend in December, March and June.

Show Dates for the 2015/2016 Season:

Dec 12-13, 2015 (application deadline: Oct 30, 2015)
March 12-13, 2016 (application deadline: March 29, 2016)
June 11-12, 2016 (application deadline: April 29, 2016)
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