Ashley Carrega

Creativity has endless forms. It is a living breathing source of it's own, hidden in all of us. Once the well is tapped there is only overflow.​

My creative practice sometimes looks strange to others. I approach art making through experiments. Controls and changing variables until I feel some kind of magic.   I have always worked with found objects or "trash", both in my sculpture, printmaking,  and bookmaking. Because of the constant consumption of the new and production, that many items that are plenty good ( and sometimes better) find their way into the unwanted. I believe that re purposing and recycling is important and should be practiced by everyone in which ever capacity they can. 

Meeting Randy Dalton, Philadelphia Dumpster Diver and creator of the CECs Blue Grotto was a huge inspiration for me. I hadn't known many artists using found objects and felt I had met someone I could relate and talk with in a different way. I considered him a mentor and a friend while I knew him. He helped teach me that if I want something out of life that it is attainable.


3500 Lancaster Ave

Philadelphia, PA



Phone: 215.387.1911

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