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The Community Education Center is a nonprofit performing arts center and artists incubator space. The Center is known and respected by artists and audiences alike for its support of the local arts community and its presentations of outstanding dance and performance. The Center also offers the community opportunities to explore their creativity through classes in the performing arts as well as performance opportunities.

Hosting your event at CEC

If you are interested in hosting an event at  CEC, we would love to hear from you.  To give you an idea of the events currently hosted at CEC you can see the classes which we already have scheduled here and upcoming events in our Theater can be found here.

Available Spaces
There are a variety of spaces available at CEC for classes and performances.

Booking Inquiry
To get your event off to the best start, please complete our booking inquiry form and we will contact you shortly to discuss how we can help you.

Event Publicity
If you are already hosting an event at CEC, we are happy to publicize it on the CEC website.  Simply fill out the publicity form and we will contact you for images and any further information we require.