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The Community Education Center is a nonprofit performing arts center and artists incubator space. The Center is known and respected by artists and audiences alike for its support of the local arts community and its presentations of outstanding dance and performance. The Center also offers the community opportunities to explore their creativity through classes in the performing arts as well as performance opportunities.

classes and workshops

Our classes are taught by some of the finest working artists in Philly and are perfect for anyone who is looking to learn a new skill or to develop an existing one.  Our friendly instructors will make sure you enjoy your classes – but be prepared to work hard!
Start anytime, classes are ongoing. 
There is a $12 annual registration fee.


5:30-7:00pm – Capoeira with Ron Wood $15/class.  Class card available

7:30-9:00pm – Mixed Levels African Dance with Cachet Ivey.  $15/class


6:30-9:30pm –  Tai’chi with Maggie Neuman (Studio) Call for details – Classes do not meet in August and September


5:30-7:00pm Capoeira with Ron Wood (Studio) $15/class, class card available

7:15-8:15pm House with Kyle “Just Sole” Clark and Dinita “Princess Di” Askew (Studio) $10/class

9:30-11:00pm Breakin’ with oDT/olive Dance Theatre – OPEN PRACTICE (Studio) $3 suggested donation

Schedule is subject to change, email for information




6:00-7:30pm Flamenco with Tomas Dura (Studio) $10/class

8:00-10:00pm Group Motion Workshop—Modern/Improvisation Manfred Fischbeck & Brigitta Herrmann (Studio) $20/class, or 10 for $150


2:00-3:45pm Mixed Levels African Dance – workshops with Yalani Bangora (Studio) $15/class

Call for information.


1:30-3:00pm  Kendo Practice with Sanseis David Yang & Robert Klotz

(as 0f March 2017)

CEC African Dance Class

CEC African Dance Class


Tomas Dura has toured Europe, Canada and the U.S. and has appeared in film, video and television.  He worked with the great flamenco dancer, Jose Greco, for 8 years, frequently serving as assistant during Mr. Greco’s last years.  Tomas performed solo with the Philadelphia Orchestra to a sold out house at the Kimmel Center in his own choreography of the Spanish Dance from Swan Lake (2007).  He has worked in the films “Smoke and Mirrors” (director K. Hardy ), “Loneliness” (director M. Zubarev) and “About Angels” (directed by Zubarev with choreography by Alexei Borovik of the Pennsylvania Ballet). He dances in the movie, “Cafe” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.   Hechoreographed the dance scenes in the stage production of “El Cid in Flamenco & Flame” – also appearing in the title role.  He co-coordinated the “Feria de Sevilla en Philadelphia” in 2004, 2005 and 2007.  Tomas has collaborated with artists like Flameno Ole, Kei Takei’s Moving Earth and the Wilma Theater.  He is the director and lead male dancer of Fiesta Flamenco Dancers and is choreographer in residence with the Amici Opera Co.  He has received numerous grants and commissions from the Pa Council on the Arts and the 5 County Arts Fund and the New Dance Alliance.  He teaches flamenco dance classes in grade schools, high schools, colleges and public community centers.
ABOUT THE FLAMENCO CLASS:  Flamenco evolved with the gypsies in Southern Spain who, mixing their ancient Indian origins with the Spanish traditions, also incorporated middle-eastern and Moroccan influences.  As a living art form, flamenco continues to change and grow in keeping with contemporary thought and feeling.  Castanets, hand clapping, finger snapping and rapid, intricate footwork accentuate the rhythm of the guitar.  Flamenco is also famous for its swirling shawls, colorful fans and expressive hand and arm movements.  Students will explore all of these elements and, most importantly, the proper posture, presence and attitude.  Women should bring a skirt.  Men should wear fitted pants.  Hard soled but flexible shoes or boots with a raised heel are best.  Be prepared to think as well as to move.  Yes, it’s intense but it’s also very fun and creatively fulfilling!  This class is a mixed-level class open to all.
Manfred Fishbeck Modern Dance, Improvisation

Manfred Fischbeck is the Artistic and Executive Director of Group Motion Dance Company, in addition to his many roles as choreographer, composer and teacher. Fischbeck has been a vital part of Philadelphia arts community for over three decades, performing, touring and teaching locally, nationally and internationally. Presently he serves on the faculty of the University of the Arts as Adjunct Professor in the School of Dance.

Ron Wood CapoeiraRON WOOD: CAPOEIRA (Brazilian Martial Art)
Ron Wood aka Zen One aka Monitor Pardal is a martial artist, dancer, choreographer, teacher and barer of a host of other talents to go with his many names. He holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt under the system that has evolved into mixed martial arts karate incorporating jui jitsu and the Joe Lewis Fighting System, and teaches the adult beginner self defense program at Martial Posture Studio run by Ish Payne.  Pardal also holds the rank of Monitor in ASCAB Capoeira lead by Mestre Doutor.
Capoeira is a unique Brazilian art form that infuses dance, music, gymnastics, self-defense and the Portuguese language. Those that practice this art form, known as Capoeiristas, appear to defy gravity as they jump, flip, spin and cartwheel through the air. Capoeira, for these artists, embodies a discipline, mindset and gives a rhythm to their lives.
Capoeira as a martial art is clever and deceptive. Often appearing vulnerable, the good Capoeirista knows the right time to strike back with lethal power and grace. Musically, Capoeira is enchanting. Beautiful melodies, pulsating rhythms, and the cries and shouts of the crowd blend into one intensely charged atmosphere perfect for the game of Capoeira.